1918 Spanish Flu Killed Millions, or Did It?

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The Spanish Flu of 1918. Five hundred million infected, fifty million dead worldwide. Bodies stacked a mile high. One-quarter of the United States population wiped off the map; 675,000 citizens cease to exist. The unknown enemy, in full assault.

To combat the plague, officials recommend isolation, limited social interaction, and mask mandates across the country [1]. The question we must answer, “Did the fatalities occur because of the enemy, or did something else cause these deaths?”

As restriction reached draconian levels, headline news from the front lines broke with statements contrary to measures in place.

October 28, 1918 [2] Dr. G.M. Corput of the United States Public Health Service ordered restaurant workers to remove their masks at once and never wear them again. In his statement, the doctor exclaimed,

Influenza masks are harmful to the wearers. They prevent the free breathing of fresh air, which is essential at this time and they do not keep out germs because the wearers are continually breathing impure air.

Today, in 2020, the world over, we hear doctors state these same facts [3].

Yet the free press, social media fascist, and political pundits censors these truths from reaching the public’s ears.

Regardless, they cannot hide the archives of old. On December 3, 1918, a group of physicians based in Salt Lake City, Utah, demanded an end to the worthless public practice of gauze mask-wearing mandates [4].

We, the undersigned physicians of Salt Lake City, having carefully considered the medical aspects of the wearing of the gauze mask for the prevention of influenza are of the opinion that under the rigid restrictions as to cleaning, sterilizing, etc., such as can be secured in the sickroom, they are of value and their use for such purpose is recommend.

We believe, however, that their adoption as a universal compulsory measure is not only impractical and ineffective, but may become a positive menace.

On January 1, 1919, a patriot named Erminio Chavez, Sr. demanded the mask propaganda ceases at once [5]. But the press and other organizations refuse as they revoke civil liberties through fear.

The Red Cross maintains the narrative in a Joseph Goebbels style of misrepresentation to instill historical levels of anxiety with their mantra:

“Influenza! Wear Your Mask! It Might Save Your Life!”

While the vulnerable contract the disease in their minds through deceptive manipulation of the media, Mr. Chavez stands his ground:

The Red Cross Society, or any other organization, has no right whatever to cause sensational alarms by saying: “Influenza! Wear Your Mask! It Might Save Your Life!” Because a great many sensitive and excitable persons contract epidemic diseases through fear and fright.

The Red Cross is welcome to suggest all the best means at their command to check plagues, etc., so long as it does not encroach upon the personal liberties of the people, by using the press and both the civil and military powers, to force the people to wear the unsanitary, outrageous, horrible masks.

Excepting hospitals, sick rooms, and dissecting rooms, the mask should never be permitted on the public thoroughfares for the following reasons, to-wit: It scares the people, it develops diseases and spreads them, it smells bad, it harms the wearer (while inhaling his or her own carbonic acid gas), it encourages municipal corruptions,…, it hurts both the State and business generally, it endangers the public safety,… it pleases the kaiser, and it creates, far and wide, a warlike feeling because the cure for influenza is still worse than the influenza.

According to the Laws of Nature, the mouth and nose must have a free action to expel the carbonic acid gas while breathing; hence, any devices on the contrary are positively unhealthy.

Boards of health should be managed by reliable physicians only; which institutions should act within the limits of the Constitution of the United States. Hence, the arbitrary mask law, being unconstitutional, must be revoked for good before anything of a fatal nature occurs.

As we turn to the Secretary and Executive Officer of the California State Board of Health 1919 report on the “Study of Measures Adopted for the Control of the Epidemic” [6], we learn of Dr. Wilfred Kellogg findings. California masks mandates soared throughout communities. If caught without the slave device, individuals arrested on sight.

Churches, schools, theaters, any form of wholesome entertainment or gatherings — closed, shutdown. But, like today, saloons remained open during this pandemic of death to guarantee you receive your flask of whiskey or a stout of ice-cold beer. A virus as intelligent then as it is today. Its found in areas of happiness and wholesome joy, but not in local saloons.

Kellogg recognized these civil rights violations and warned against the officials’ haste actions without scientific proof to back their decisions. Their actions harmed more than helped. They enforced policies based on unscientific knee-jerk opinions due to unreliable morbidity reports and psychological plays influencing the medical profession.

Quarantines of towns offered no value once a case appeared. Compulsory mask-wear offered zero help to stop the advancement of the epidemic. Lock-downs and masks did not slow the spread of the Spanish flu. When they compared death rates to cities with forced mandates to ones without, the death toll was lower were no mandates existed.

New York City, before referred to as one of those cities that did not prohibit public gatherings, did not use masks either, and its record of deaths is lower than that of any of the other larger cities.

More opposition for compulsory mask wear came from physicians as the masks are as unsafe due to rebreathing expired air mixed with the warming of the total air intake—a recipe for bacterial infection, especially when covered in a gauze to cotton face shield of servitude for an entire day.

Furthermore, rather than treating patients indoors, those treated outdoors had the highest success rates for survival, in the fresh air under their makeshift shacks of salvation.

Another reason for the construction of such hospitals lies in the demonstrated fact, that the influenza-pneumonia cases have a much lower mortality rate when cared for in out-of-door temporary shacks than in heated and less well-ventilated permanent structures.

Yet today, the media and health professionals worldwide tell the ill-informed public to stay indoors and keep their masks on at all times. Even though historical facts of 1918 claim the way to stop the spread and cure granny, and I quote.

Sunshine and fresh air are important factors in the prevention and treatment of both influenza and pneumonia. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Fast forward to 2008, and we shall find the culprit which murder millions during this pandemic [7].

A research paper by the National Institute of Health authored by three individuals including none other than the infamous Dr. Anthony S. Fauci describes [8] the killer of the 1918 outbreak as bacterial pneumonia, not the flu as claimed by many today across the mainstream and social media.

Surprising aspects of 1918–1919 influenza-associated pneumonia fatalities included the following: (1) the high incidence of secondary pneumonia associated with standard bacterial pneumopathogens; (2) the frequency of pneumonia caused by both mixed pneumopathogens…pneumococci and streptococci

Summary of evidence from the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic consistent with the conclusion that bacterial pneumonia, rather than primary viral pneumonia, was the cause of most deaths.

And by most deaths, they mean at least 92.7% of the deaths were a direct cause of bacterial pneumonia.

“… In the 68 higher-quality autopsy series, in which the possibility of unreported negative cultures could be excluded, 92.7% of autopsy lung cultures were positive for ≥1 bacterium.… in one study of approximately 9000 subjects who were followed from clinical presentation with influenza to resolution or autopsy, researchers obtained, with sterile technique, cultures of either pneumococci or streptococci from 164 of 167 lung tissue samples.”

With bacterial infections such as these mentioned, vaccines were not the answer; antibiotics would have saved millions. Those with weakened immune systems and over sixty-five years of age are compromised. Sound familiar?

In addition to these truths laid out, Dr. James Meehan warns on the well-known adverse effects of mask wear to overall health [9].

“I’m seeing patients that have facial rashes, fungal infections, bacterial infections. Reports coming from my colleagues, all over the world, are suggesting that the bacterial pneumonias are on the rise.

“Why might that be? Because untrained members of the public are wearing medical masks, repeatedly… in a non-sterile fashion… They’re becoming contaminated. They’re pulling them off of their car seat, off the rearview mirror, out of their pocket, from their countertop, and they’re reapplying a mask that should be worn fresh and sterile every single time.”

We now know the truth. Mask mandates had zero effect of slowing the spread. But they allowed tyrannical government officials to control the populace by anxiety and fear.

In closing, let’s understand the wise words of Dr. Anthony Fauci on mask wear. [10]

When you are in the middle of a outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel better … it is not offering the protection people think it is.

The knock-out blow for the millions of deaths during the 1918 flu was from secondary bacterial infection. So take off the mask, open your business, and head outside with friends and family. Stand up and take your God-given freedom back, or die on your knees as a slave.

It’s your choice. I already made mine.


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1918 Spanish Flu Killed Millions, or Did It? by K. Saitta
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6 thoughts on “1918 Spanish Flu Killed Millions, or Did It?”

  1. Thank you. I made mine too after practically passing out in a store on a shopping trip. It was the mask that did it. Because when I got permission from the checkout clerk to remove the mask, I instantly felt better now that I could breathe in the fresh air. Yet I was told by a”doctor “ that I was just having a “panic attack “ when I tried to explain to him.

      1. I cannot share this on Facebook. Because it is marked as misinformation. I don’t care if Fuaci said everything he said in the past year is all big fat lies, they blocked his emails I posted. He said in his emails mask don’t work.
        Sunshine cures the common cold and Flu. Vitamin D helps get some of that Sunshine in you on cloudy days. Zinc is another good mineral to combat the cold and flu.
        When I wore a bandana, after 10 min I needed to sneeze because of my allergies to soaps. I could not breathe deep enough to do so. So after another 10 My head started hurting, my nose started running, I felt dizzy. I was sitting down in the VA lobby. My BP went up 50 points. I have low BP. Its normally around 100/62. That day after an hour drive home it was still at 137/108. After 3 hour it was at 108/65. It took almost 3 hours to get my BP back to normal. Plus I have Asthma which constructs my lung capacity to about 55-60%. 40 years ago my lungs were at 61%. So its probably closer to 50% now.
        People don’t get it. Mask are not the answer to keeping you from getting any virus. Keep your immune system in check.

        1. Completely agree, and thank you for your comment. I will never censor as people must know the truth. The entire government and congress lied, as well as doctors and health officials. This is a crime against humanity, and all need held accountable. Some tried for murder. Thank you again for your comments.

  2. WOW, this VERY powerful video addressed the mask topic to a tee 100%. I kept listening to this vid for the past two days so far. I just kept playing this video repeatedly because, all the information is so on point. And now, I can add this information to my collection, and use it as ammo, to debunk any doubters, that will try to debate me. Thank you, and please keep up the good work:).

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