July 21, 2019

July 21, 2019


Peace at Last

Here I lieAs my bride stands by,In the grave where I diedFrom the poison she criedDay after day into my …

Free Verse

The Face of Disgrace

Different countries,You’d think different folks.Yet at the end of the dayThey roll on the same spokes. European powers embraced the …


Stranger in the Mirror

The stranger in the mirror, Is me; A fun loving gypsy, A spirit free! Unafraid to live; Chasing my dreams, …

Free Verse

Paul’s Religion

Paul created the Christian religion,Jesus spoke on Jewish tradition. Paul preached for men to divide,Jesus taught a lesson otherwise. Paul …

Free Verse

One + One = None

When two become one, One becomes undone — Destroying one: One plus one equals none. No fun, no sun, Nowhere …



My buddy JimIs always sipping gin.And when the light goes out,He grabs the pint of stout! Jim by K. Saitta …

Free Verse

Better to Love

It is better to love than to hate,For one brings us to edify and create —The other … complete retaliationWithin …

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I hate to be the barren of bad news,But your mind is seriously confused;There is no White or Black coastline,It’s …

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