July 21, 2019


Peace at Last

Here I lie As my bride stands by, In the grave where I died From the poison she cried Day …

Free Verse

The Face of Disgrace

Different countries,You’d think different folks.Yet at the end of the dayThey roll on the same spokes. European powers embraced the …


Stranger in the Mirror

The stranger in the mirror, Is me; A fun loving gypsy, A spirit free! Unafraid to live; Chasing my dreams, …

Free Verse

Paul’s Religion

Paul created the Christian religion, Jesus spoke on Jewish tradition. Paul preached for men to divide, Jesus taught a lesson …

Free Verse

One + One = None

When two become one, One becomes undone — Destroying one: One plus one equals none. No fun, no sun, Nowhere …



My buddy Jim Is always sipping gin. And when the light goes out, He grabs the pint of stout!

Free Verse

Better to Love

It is better to love than to hate, For one brings us to edify and create — The other … …

Free Verse

It’s Just America

I hate to be the barren of bad news, But your mind is seriously confused; There is no White or …

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