December 24, 2020

Bulletin Board

PCR and False Positives

“PCR for diagnosis is a big problem,” he continues. “When you have to amplify it these huge numbers of time, …

Flash Fiction

Christmas Eve

It’s a week before Christmas, and all the children anticipate the special day. Fun-filled dreams smothered with gifts and candy …


At Peace

Alone with the stars, Away from man-made anguish, On the mountain top. Below, people in chaos, No inner peace can …

Bulletin Board

Adverse Reactions Pauses Vaccines

The vaccines are so safe, they are not pausing injections of un-properly tested mRNA technologies into Humans. Why? At a …

Bulletin Board

Florida and PCR Test

Florida requires test centers for PCR report its cycle thresholds due to any test above 40 cycles reports false positives …


A Woman Seen

A woman seen, Not a queen, Just an object obscene: Do as you please, Send her to her knees — …

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