21st Century Politics

The New Normal, Cancel Culture
Morality is not about people's beliefs; 
It's steeped in their political speech. 

Left vs. right, 
Black feuds white, 
It doesn’t matter in the political plight … 
As long as the allegiance is right; 

    Whether one kills for political tension 
    Or lives from the pressure of political succession — 
    They are brothers in the fight for political suppression 
    Against all who deter from their political obsession 
    Of bringing a world of equality through political correction. 

    For, in the end, all that matters 
    Is the opposite side grows tattered; 
    Beat-down, bloody and broken 
    If they don’t accept the political token. 1

1. 2008, Philadelphia Fundraiser, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” — Barack Obama

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FIRESTORM, When History is Erased

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21st Century Politics by K. Saitta
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