A Decade of Living


For the past decade, I’ve been locked away, 
Forgetting how to live each and every day. 

And yet I believed I was living my life, 
But rather I lived in a virtuous strife. 

It beat me down as the tunnel closed in; 
My lens grew thin, my mind begun to spin. 

I couldn’t recall how to see the light; 
I only drifted in a terrifying flight. 

Demons ravaged every corner of my brain 
Like a train slipping past her main: 

Slipping the line until she collides 
— Everyone on board is no longer alive. 

A decade of living is what I thought I saw, 
A decade of dying is what I just recalled. 

A Decade of Living by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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