A Nation Apart

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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King struggled to free us from captivity. With each generation, since they been gone, we entered back to the harem of harm. We’re rolling our joints and marketing our weed as we prostitute our women for our greed. We murder our brothers and consume the wine; then, we demand our government dimes.

How is it we cannot see with all the hype spinning in the mainstream?

Their lies are spun up on the screens. With one job, to slam us to our knees. Rather than unify, they divide; legislators have a grand time:

“Vote for me, and all is for free!
Don’t you worry, vote for me!”

This is the song these politicians sing.

But have we forget what Malcolm X preached, a man who stands for nothing will fall for any treat?

Or what about the words of the beloved Dr. King when he spoke about the body being free? It can only begin with self-esteem. And not from the handouts of the socialist elite.

God forbid the day these heroes died. They were slain for a cause in which we now despise. Our culture today does not believe their dreams of unity, where we stand in peace.

Instead, we agree with the politician’s speech: “Take from the rich and give it to me, it’s good the country, everything is free. So remember in November to vote for me.” After all, it’s the socialist key, the one in which follows Castro’s creed.

Rest in peace, I repeat to Dr. King, along with Malcolm and their dream. It passed away before it could breathe; out like a light with no place to shine, society today is naïve and blind.

Goodbye, goodbye to mankind.
The apple of our eye has finally died.

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A Nation Apart by K. Saitta
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