An American Ally

An American ally;
A leader of war crimes
Liquidating those taken
To his prison unshaken;

Forty-five hundred shaken,
Butchered naked
For the visions
He manipulated.

Stalin, the American ally;
The leader of war crimes
Systematically eradicating
Any who opposed him.

Then, let me ask again,
Who is the criminal then?
The ally or the patriot in disguise
Wrapped in the Military complex shrine?

Either way,
We’re all going to die;
One way, fully in your eyes.
The other, in shameful disguise.

Be careful of the American land-mine,
For if you trip you’ll surely die
While they blame it on the other side,
Not their criminal ally.

An American Ally by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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