An Introduction To Black Rocks CEO, Larry Fink

In 1988 Larry D. Fink co-founded BlackRock Inc., where he serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Other places where Larry throws his socialist weight include NYU and NYU Langone Medical Center Board of Trustees. This gives him influence over education and the pharmaceutical industries. But his reach doesn’t end there—it spans into culture through his associations with the Museum of Modern Art and the Council on Foreign Relations.

To push his agenda one step further, Mr. Fink joins the World Economic Forum as a trustee, where he preaches his primary objective, sustainability for all, aka the Great Reset. And with his power through BlackRock, he’s a dangerous individual whose ideology does not align with the U.S. Constitution or the American way of life.

He controls more than most nations, with $9 trillion in financial assets at his fingertips. As Blackrock’s control over world economic markets grows, he drives companies to adopt his climate change, race, and sexual policies supported by the Left-Woke Marxist agenda.

How did he gain entry? Simple, BlackRock handles investments for public pension plans, endowments (non-profits), and foundations.

Maybe it’s time you pull your contributions from their grip and acquire silver, gold, and BitCoin to curtail this madman’s initiatives. If we sit idle, he will destroy America as we know it. And if you think I’m off base, listen to Icahn Danger, the shark of Wall Street, who speaks clear about Fink’s Blackrock.


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