Apple Surveillance, Big Brother’s Tool

Apple Surveillance

If you have an iPhone, you’re under Apple surveillance, or should I say the U.S. government. The best solution, throw the phone away. Trust me, I need to as well. These phones track everything we do while scanning our data. As soon as we agreed to the terms and conditions, they locked us into their tyranny. Watch the video for a clear understanding from Rob Braxman, a security expert.

iPhones. The Most Advanced Surveillance

Unless we, the consumers, cease the use of all their products, it’ll never end.

Apple is replacing its industry-standard end-to-end encrypted messaging system with an infrastructure for surveillance and censorship, which will be vulnerable to abuse and scope-creep not only in the U.S., but around the world,

Greg Nojeim, Co-Director of CDT’s Security & Surveillance Project

These Big Tech companies are fascist organizations working overtime to strip away our rights. The worse part, we pay them to do so. Even when we think we own the products we buy, we don’t. Hidden in the weeds in their terms and conditions they tell the story. Unfortunately, most of us never read the prison sentence as it’s buried deep down in the fine print.

When is enough, enough?

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