Babylon Still Speaks

Photo by Francisco Ghisletti on Unsplash

Deception fills this glass shattered life,
Shackles of torment – your only guiding light;
She constricts, she kills, your every waken step,
I weep — blood streams down from my open broken neck.

My blood flows like the serpent’s sting
Waiting to strike this ten horned king
With flaming darts from my soul; I shall speak.
I’ll cast aside this twisted, vile beast.

A beast whose goal is total insanity
With her modern-day speech of peace and calamity;
Blinding her sheep while they sing to the beast:
I sigh in turmoil
— Revenge is all I seek!

I stare and gaze at her lust filled greed
As she encompasses the armies where my fathers’ did grieve.
She sheds their blood from her oil drenched hands;
She desecrates — where the abomination now stands.

Frozen in ice as my gaze still might be
I watch in horror as she conquers the seven seas;
Smiting the necks of all who disbelieve
She worships her sadistic fantasies
As the clay-filled beast
Peace — Peace!

Yet blood flows from this satanic whores reach,
A third of the earth drenched in her false sense of peace;
Ripped and torn the bodies still lie,
Shallow graves
— The martyrs die.

Can you see the lies she speaks
As she preaches deception and her false sense of peace?
She tells all to follow her blood-drenched king
To make the choice:
Death or the beast.
Babylon still speaks
— the Satanic vile beast.

Babylon Still Speaks by K. Saitta © 2010, A Walk In Verse

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