Back to the Factories

Peasants Hand over Bread

When a government
Needs to change the scene
Breaking away
From a countries creed,

Here is a little trick
From the communist regime,
And trust me,
It’s easier than it seems.

Start by expanding a tax,
Make it unbearable, make it black:
Then take away
Their voice to attack.

Next place signs with one decree:
“Speak out against the mighty regime,
And watch what happens at a quarter to three.”

Then as folks protest and scream,
Collect just a handful of the resolute sheep.

Line them up: one, two, three;
A bullet to the head,
They descend to their knees;

Down in the ground
Anyone will be
If they dare question
The terror machine.

Silence falls,
The protest cease:
The party advances
With minimal casualties.

Back to the factories,
Go the worker bees.

Back to the Factories by K. Saitta
© 2007-2020 Walk In Verse All rights reserved

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