Biden Administration Prepares US For Invasion By Foreign Threat

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Link: Biden Administration Prepares US For Invasion by Foreign Threat

Biden and his administration continue to break all constitutional laws they swore to protect. They are traitors. Now, they prepare the way for an American for invasion by a foreign threat. If you study military tactics, they are following the art of war to the letter as they prepare the US for destruction. Total destabilization of the United States.

  1. Remove all first responders and local support. No more community protection at local levels.
  2. Remove the military. No more protection on the national front.
  3. Disrupt the supply chain. Cannot buy supplies or ammo for protection.
  4. Take down the border wall. Open U.S. for invasion.

Get involved now. No more compliance of any kind. The left and right have fired the first bullet and no one will come. If we do not stand now, it’s over. Wake up, the window closes.

Biden overturned Trump EO for China to have no access to electricity grids. And now a supposed solar flair is to hit in 30 days. Expect the grid and all comm’s to go down.

text fight to 91776
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