Canadian Military Officer Speaks, Honor Your Oath

Canadian Military Speaks Out, Honor Your Oath, and Unite

A senior Canadian Military Officer states the facts. Their Canadian government committed treason. He asks all to honor their oath and the citizens to unite.

Where are those in the U.S. taking a stand? Why does the U.S. military cower along with LEO? They have allowed thousands murdered. Either the U.S. stands now, or the country is no longer. Communism is on the doorstep. Do not let it pass the threshold. For if you do, may God help you. Life as you knew it — gone.

Canadian Military Officer Speaks, Honor Your Oath

Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it.

Albert Einstein

Freedom is only free if you’re willing to take a stand and protect it. Rights are only rights if you stand your ground and resist tyranny. The government knows the people’s weakness is their strength. Right now, prove them wrong and show them you have had enough.

Fight back—no more compliance.

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