Fauci Comes Clean on PCR Test, It’s All False Positives

Fauci comes clean on the PCR test. When cycle thresholds rise over 35, false positives sustain to guarantee fear remains high. Cases explode; why? An insurance policy for compliance with illegal mandates and unconstitutional orders. Any value above 35 reflects false results.

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mRNA Vaccine Reactions

In this episode, we will explore together adverse reactions of Pfizer & BioNTech mRNA vaccines.  As individuals line up for vaccination, they do it without full disclosure of the life altering results.

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Meet Pfizer And A Few Connections

Albert Bourla started his career over twenty-five years ago at Pfizer and climbed through the ranks to CEO. With his in-depth knowledge and recent remarks, we must question his motives. Through emergency authorization, the FDA gave the green light to inject and distribute throughout the United States—an experimental elixir which skipped standard animal test and jumped to human vaccination.

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