Written Words

Creative writing including poetry, short fiction, and challenges.
Free Verse

Balance for Peace

Without balance, there can be no peace. Without peace, there can only be anger. With anger, there can only be …


Golden Sunset

The golden sunset — People race down the highway Missing G-d’s light show


What If

What if life was a dream Where screams Weren’t real, Just made up ordeals? What if you never died, But, …


The Sunset

The setting sun — Summer rays engulf the wall, The flower bathes



Not a soul in sight — A flash, blinded on my right; Driver unaware!


A Free Election

A free election — A two party power play Fighting for one seat: A smoke screen to keep the peace, …


Autumn in Uranus

As autumn comes, the world will shift from summer’s sun to winter’s bliss. Red tones fade to blue, ice surrounds …


The Hunter

The witching hour — Wolves encompass to attack, The hunter takes aim.


The Highwayman

The highwayman sits On the side of the highway, Anxiously waiting. He smiles, a car pulls over, Another victim will …


Solar Eclipse

The midnight sun — Masquerading as the light, Darkness surrounds us.

Free Verse

Perception of Choice

The perception of choice  Is a powerful thing. The businessman sings, The people scream Thinking their choice is free; Their …


Overlooking Halfdome

Upon a rock which I did climb I overlooked a mountain shrine. Glorious she was upon my eyes, For I …

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