Written Words

Creative writing including poetry, short fiction, and challenges.

Written Words

Creative writing including poetry, short fiction, and challenges.


Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread man Wants to start a ban. For on every Christmas day They eat him all away.  Gingerbread Man by K. Saitta …

Free Verse

One in the Same

1920 and 2015, Methods were used To cause the extreme.  Violence and terror Reigning the streets free, But not from the people Living among the …



The “Great Leap Forward,”A famine in disguise;The “Nuremberg Trials”,Bodies lined the skies. A mother and her child,A bullet through the …



the thin black line —it holds the light of the moonupon the smooth neck Moonlight by K. Saitta © 2019, …


Snowflakes Upon a Fir Tree

Twelve past three I finished my teaAnd left for the forest so I could seeA winter’s gift was just waiting …


Western Land

Communism does move Through the umbilical cord  — A phenomenon — The soviet womb expands Giving birth in Western land.  Western Land by …

Free Verse

Ole Saint Nick

There once was a man named Ole Saint Nick,Who would fly down your chimney ever so swift. He would whistle …

Free Verse

Man-Made Famines

Famines, An act of G-d, or man-made lies? Peer back in time:  1918 came to mind when we realized  That famines were recipes …



I.  I’ve been up, and I’ve been down.  II.  I’ve been rich, and leaned out.  III.  I’ve been dead, and yet still breathed.  …


Song Birds

Song Birds — Creatures so sweet, Singing to raindrop beats. The melancholy day slips by, Bright day.  Song Birds by K. Saitta © 2015, …

Free Verse

Mommy Why

Mommy, Why am I left alone? No home in the land we strove To fit into a culture made by men.  We tried …

Free Verse

Miss the Mark

To miss the mark is not a sin, Yet that is what the West plays in;  No forgiveness is their dark …

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