Free Verse

noun: free verse
irregular form of poetry in which the content free of traditional rules of versification, (freedom from fixed meter or rhyme).
Free Verse

Daylight Saving Time

Spring forward,  Fall back, This was derived From a military hack — German to be exact. How about  We just …


The Ole Oak Tree

Shinning the ole oak tree, in the middle of day, trying to flee a tsunami wave—times three! Slipping, busting his …

Free Verse

The Flower

My love, My precious lotus flower, You surround me. You entrench me with your love As you glide over my …

Free Verse

Speed Limit

Speed limit: What does it mean When driving An auto machine? One, five, Or even fifteen: Splat goes the one …

Free Verse

Back to the Factories

When a government Needs to change the scene Breaking away From a countries creed, Here is a little trick From …

Free Verse

Workers Unite

If they wish to strike, They will face their plight: Workers fired Until starvation admired; Ration cards ceased Until everyone …

Free Verse


Todays society Is Western sobriety Of where left is right, Let’s enlighten this plight; Rape is delight, A loved filled …

Free Verse

The Christmas Presents

I wanted to share what Christmas did bring, A few wonderful gifts that made me sing. The first to share …

Free Verse


Standing upon the ferocious sea As waves encompass about my knees, I sit and stare at the tragedy Of societies …

Free Verse

Class Warfare

Class warfare; A political prize Seated in constitutional disguise. Why? The socialist alibi; Eradication of your private life By any …

Free Verse

Violence Runs Free

1920 and 2015, Methods were used To cause the extreme. Violence and terror Reigning the streets free, But not from …

Free Verse

Ole Saint Nick

There once was a man named Ole Saint Nick, Who would fly down your chimney ever so swift. He would …

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