tan·ka noun: tanka; plural noun: tanka; plural noun: tankas
a Japanese poem consisting of five lines, the first and third of which have five syllables and the other seven, making 31 syllables in all and giving a complete picture of an event or mood.

Dark Kingdom

Smoldering torment, Integrity compromised – Insanity sets; The dark kingdom recreates Division within your mind.

Eternal Freedom

We could be standing Upon eternal freedom, But we accept lies; Transferring love to hatred, Making this you versus I.

Winter Sun is a Tanka poem by Walk In Verse

Winter Sun

Winter sun brings fun Upon the mountainous slopes — Safe and protected — Avalanche comes tumbling As it squeezes on …

Burning Words (Tanka Poem)

Burning Words

Burning words that flow Out from the mouths of vipers — Serum will restore; Turning poison into sun, Edifying the …

Dark Hope

Dark Hope

The dark hope resides In the worldly enterprise Of chaos and hate; Turning darkness into light, Love illuminates the night.

Peace, an Illusion

Bloodshed in the East, Conflicts continually. Peace, an illusion: Two thousand years of fighting, And continual dying.

Stars and Stripes

New Slave

Stripped away — red face; Terrorized by the pale face: Accosted — new slave. Redemption never given, Singled out due …

Just A Visitor

Just A Visitor

Darkness sweeps across The geographic landscape; Just a visitor Seeing tragedy between All sides of humanity.

My Body Failed Me

Prescription babies, A drug-addicted mommy — My body failed me — C-section delivery, Traumatized — my baby died.

No Escape

No Escape

Human suffering, Genocide continuing – No escape foreseen; Displace the social fabric, Collective fate established.

Touch of Kindness

Touch of Kindness

A touch of kindness With an act of charity, The world, chaos free: Focusing on the needy — Helping those …

Universal Process

Massive dominance, A universal process — Control populace: Thinking … not tolerated, Writing … abomination.

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