a genre of poetic verse which is characterized by its extreme brevity consisting of 280 characters or less.

Blue Jay

The whistle blows, The bird’s tone: The Blue Jay roams Upon the apricot tree. The train goes, The flowers show, …

Big Dreams

Big dreams, Tall themes, Gazing at countless things. Sitting here, I sit and stare; I finally finished my ice cold …

Weather Media

California’s weather Media Is a propaganda encyclopedia. Rating storms from one to five, Making it seem we’re all gonna die. …

A Beautiful Day

Glowing light, The breeze slight. Waves, knee high, I’m in paradise; A beautiful day I must say, I’m happy.

A Second Glance

A second glance, Another chance, Might this lead to romance? They say love is at first sight, Wouldn’t that be …

Good and Bad

Good and bad, Success and failure Are not the qualities Of mother nature. Rather, These are the product of man …

The Lofty Shall Pay

She rested with birds: Arrogant, High above the peasants; Gawking As she awaited death.


Elohim, Divine majesty, Painting the sky With colors of royalty. Bringing peace and serenity During times of uncertainty, Removing calamity …

Life II

Hells gate: A crimson fate. The afterlife: No retake.

What is Penned

A poem penned Is a lesson learned; It’ s a feeling fought It’s an emotion earned; Embracing life, Evading strife, …

Springs Coming

Long lines intertwine, Sunlit vines embrace the sky. Blue light, sonic boom: How beautiful, the vines bloom.

Another Day

Green blades, Blue days, Yellow flowers Begin to tower. Warm days Set the stage, The birds pray To the golden …

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