po·et·ry noun: poetry
literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

The Hunter

The witching hour — Wolves encompass to attack, The hunter takes aim.


The Highwayman

The highwayman sits On the side of the highway, Anxiously waiting. He smiles, a car pulls over, Another victim will …


Solar Eclipse

The midnight sun — Masquerading as the light, Darkness surrounds us.

Free Verse

Perception of Choice

The perception of choice  Is a powerful thing. The businessman sings, The people scream Thinking their choice is free; Their …


Overlooking Halfdome

Upon a rock which I did climb I overlooked a mountain shrine. Glorious she was upon my eyes, For I …


No One Fails

Failure is the lie That destroys many lives. For failure is not seen, But rather a decision In between Two …

Free Verse

It’s a Mess

Body lines,  Different designs: Cross-dress, It’s all a damn mess. Right is left, Left is right, The future  Is not …


At Peace

Alone with the stars, Away from man-made anguish, On the mountain top. Below, people in chaos, No inner peace can …


A Woman Seen

A woman seen, Not a queen, Just an object obscene: Do as you please, Send her to her knees — …

Free Verse

Christmas in 1687

Christmas in sixteen eighty-seven Was a time for sexual leaven; Drinking and making merry While exchanging their sinful berries; Eating …

Free Verse

Universal Unity

To give is better than receiving, For this is the law of universal unity. For once you give, and once …


Unity of Thee

All worshiping God through man Is no different than an idol in hand. Each is idolatry; They have no need …

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