po·et·ry noun: poetry
literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

Weather Media

California’s weather Media Is a propaganda encyclopedia. Rating storms from one to five, Making it seem we’re all gonna die. …



Worker; No money — broke. Never can make ends meet. Everything earned, stolen through tax, Drifter.


A Beautiful Day

Glowing light, The breeze slight. Waves, knee high, I’m in paradise; A beautiful day I must say, I’m happy.


A Second Glance

A second glance, Another chance, Might this lead to romance? They say love is at first sight, Wouldn’t that be …


Good and Bad

Good and bad, Success and failure Are not the qualities Of mother nature. Rather, These are the product of man …

Free Verse

Unknown Odds

Five days from today,  My world goes astray.  I have no idea what’s at play,  When she comes out of …


The Lofty Shall Pay

She rested with birds: Arrogant, High above the peasants; Gawking As she awaited death.



Elohim, Divine majesty, Painting the sky With colors of royalty. Bringing peace and serenity During times of uncertainty, Removing calamity …

Free Verse

Communism Came

Communism came by popular support, Take out the enemy — you gain rapport. Then you do what all leaders do, …


Fear Rips Through Me

Fear rips through me — Eyes closed accelerating The opossum lives


Shattered Mirrors

Shattered mirrors, I am erased; my strength fails me. Shattered mirrors, Only the fragments remain seen; Encased upon a severed …

Free Verse

Easter Flight

Surrounded in white, Adorned in heavens light: Swirling around my wings Is the taste of heavenly beams. Blue leads the …

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