Class Warfare

photo by Gage Skidmore

Class warfare; 
A political prize 
Seated in constitutional disguise. 


The socialist alibi; 
Eradication of your private life 
By any means — 
Even your demise. 

For Blue or Red equals your dead. 
No sides, just pure suicide 
Of the Western way of life. 

By the way, 
Your next presidential race 
— Don’t worry it’s too late. 

So even if you choose, 
Your fate is already set 
In headline news 
By what the elite said is true 
For the American: 
The red, white and abused. 

Politics by K. Saitta © 2020, A Walk In Verse

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At second glance I took a chance And spoke at the horrific scene: “This isn’t about the loss of life

No Escape

No Escape

Human suffering, Genocide continuing – No escape foreseen; Displace the social fabric, Collective fate established. No Escape by K. Saitta

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