Crime in Montana Explodes

Montana’s Disturbing Trend: Crime, Homicides, and Sex Trafficking

Montana watches its state decline. Crime is on the rise, at all-time highs. Less than two months into the new year, homicide explodes.

As of February 13th, thirteen dead across the territory with three from Billings. Two of those taken, teenagers. A 16-year-old with a gunshot to the head. The other, a 15-year-old (Shaul, Megan. 2022) never to see their family again.

But the tragedy doesn’t end with murder. Something much more evil lingers on her streets, sex trafficking (Hannah Hislop. 2022). Women are lured into a life of hell by those they least expect. A lover, a friend, or worse, a family member who uses any means necessary to make them their slaves. Chains and ropes, not required. Manipulation, force, or coercion becomes the tool. Their hostages serve one purpose: passive income.

And for this, I blame society. Our mothers and daughters are no longer seen as the apple of a man’s eye. Instead, everywhere we look, they’re sexual objects. Non-human reusable commodities as viewed on the silver screen. Where demand exists, supply never ceases. Pimps and thugs carry on without mercy. Once they own the mind of their victim, they own their bodies. They lock their hostage down and isolate them from friends and family. Their only contact with the outside world, the hustler and sexual predators. Their new life while in captivity, provide sex for cash. If they refuse, face dire consequences without remorse.

Yet, these men who pay for sex forget one important fact: they’ve committed rape. No consent given: they forced these girls to perform any action required for pay (Paul Hamby. 2022). And with an estimated 24.5 million sex trafficking victims worldwide, it needs to end now.

It’s time for our culture to confront this issue head-on. Hold all involved accountable. No longer look the other way. Those engaged in the trafficking of women must suffer the consequences. Life behind bars, as with Terrance Tyrell Edwards and Louis Gregory Venning. These two criminals lured young girls and women into their world of prostitution. They peddled them upon the streets of Montana. And as long as a customer base exists, it won’t end. Another criminal will continue the vicious sex trafficking circle.

This only ends when men cease from their perverted ways. When they bear legal consequences like the pimps and thugs. Locked behind bars for the rape and the sexual torture of innocent women.


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