DARPA’s Project ECHO

DARPA plans to track the genetic fingerprint of all humans through taxpayers’ funds. The program to enslave, the Epigenetic Characterization and Observation, ECHO for short.

The program began in 2019 and is positioned to run for four years. Their platform allows a person’s entire biologic timestamp tracked and documented. All substances or biological agents the individual came into contact with are known.

“The human body registers exposures and logs them in the epigenome … We are just beginning to understand this rich biographical record that we carry around with us.”

Eric Van Gieson ECHO program manager

The danger, real-time genetic records using an operator with little to no training. If we look back at the track record of federal government hiring policies, this becomes a more significant issue than most realize. Think Census Bureau from 2010 when they hired sex offenders and felons to enter the homes of American citizens.

And these individuals entering your home will help bring this draconian technology to life. It’ll build DARPA’s baseline; they must collect pre- and post-exposure readings. To date, two ways exist for data collection. One, a finger prick test, and two, a nasal swab, just like the PCR deployed worldwide.

To develop this capability, researchers will have to assemble a foundational training dataset of pre- and post-exposure epigenetic readouts in biological samples.

The concern with ECHO technology comes down to real-time surveillance of whatever they consider an emerging threat. Not only can they reconstruct a person’s history, but they’ll know every environmental substance the target came in contact with long after the physical evidence is gone. Due to the severe privacy issue, DARPA consulted ethical and legal experts on the matter because they can read genetic fingerprints on the fly.

The end goal of ECHO is to build a field-deployable device that can test small biological samples—such as a drop of blood or nasal swab—for evidence of epigenetic “fingerprints” that reveal a detailed history of that individual’s exposure to dangerous materials or pathogens.

It’s a complete invasion of privacy on steroids; so much for HIPPA laws.


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