Democrats New Normal, Die Destitute

Yes, The Democrats Hate Americans

Rhode Island Democrats play a dangerous game. If a child isn’t injected with experimental vaccines, they’ll force the parents through extra taxes.

Parents’ rights erased:
Child genocide awaits
The blue wave mandates


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Don’t follow along; they’ll levy you into poverty. Double income tax enforced, and an additional $50 a month fee.

It’s not only the adults they target. Anyone over 16 gets stung. Child wage extortion is in full swing. But it’s ok; only those 18 and older can buy beer and smokes. They need to keep the youth healthy. It’s their revenue stream in Biden’s build-back better scheme. But, it only applies to those not injected. Civil rights violations go woke.

When blue controls you
Your life is anew.
The Constitutions no good:
They create the rule:
They’re unjust and cruel.
S2552, it’s not misunderstood.

They’ll seize and subdue,
And destroy on queue.
You’ll have no money for food,
Nor for any fuel.
You’ve become their tool:
Inject the jab, or you’re screwed.

alouette poem

The only way out. Stand up and fight. Or, the alternative, a child must get an exemption from three doctors. They must declare in agreement the child’s not fit for injection. And any child under sixteen must sign the form by their own hand.

In addition, every person in the state must inject. All covid shots, as required by the health department, straight into their veins. If they refuse, destitution becomes a reality.

It’s taxation without representation by criminal extraordinaire Senator Samuel Bell. A member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). An enemy of the state.

Blue Wave:
The DNC.
They take without remorse,
Our children suffer at their hand.

cinquain poem

We must hold these individuals accountable. mRNA vaccines have severe adverse reactions. It’s murder by a jab. And now they want our kids.

And like in the fifties, they need division. It gives them power. Don’t allow it to happen. Only if we stand united will we win. If not, game over and enjoy the show. But there won’t be any popcorn or soda. None can afford it if un-vaccinated.


Connell, Alexander. 2022. “Rhode Island Dems Submit Bill To Double State Income Tax For Parents Of Unvaccinated Minors.” The Gateway Pundit (blog). April 20, 2022.

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