Facial Recognition & Fingerprints, The Path To Life

With the aid of artificial intelligence (AI), privacy and security disappear. Every move is tracked and traced. And as stated by the “butcher of freedom” Tony Blair, it’s their end game. They’ll put in place a biometric identity to force compliance. If you don’t go along, your world ends.

Now the tyranny begins.

The American Gestapo releases low-cost software to the public. All a crook needs is $220 bucks, access to machine learning, and they’re off to the races. Your life compromised, and ransomware goes into god mode.

“Access to thermal–imaging cameras is more affordable than ever — they can be found for less than £200 ($220) — and machine learning is becoming increasingly accessible, too. That makes it very likely that people around the world are developing systems along similar lines to ThermoSecure in order to steal passwords,” explains Dr Mohamed Khamis who led the study with Norah Alotaibi and John Williamson.

With ThermoSecure or its clone in hand, criminals can retrace the heat signatures from any device touched. The success rate is unprecedented:

  • 86% success within 20 seconds of display or keyboard touch
  • 76% within 30 seconds
  • and 62% within 60 seconds.

If short passwords or PINs are used, game over.

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Twelve character codes have an 85% success rate, eight characters 93%, and six a 100% success rate. Think for a minute, how long is your pin? Most sit between six and eight digits. It guarantees you’re getting hacked.

But don’t worry. They have the solution in mind. All you need to do is allow them to store your fingerprints and facial scan in their systems. It mitigates your risk of attack but doesn’t remove the threat. But your data’s safe; you can trust them.

Finally, users can help make their devices and keyboards more secure by adopting alternative authentication methods, like fingerprint or facial recognition, which mitigate many of the risks of thermal attack.

Dr. Mohamed Khamis

So, like a person with critical thinking skills, you decline compliance. In a non-combative tone, you reply, “No thank you, I’m good.” In an instant, access to your personal computer — gone. You head home, where you enjoy city life, where the new smart elevators await. Then, access denied! You can’t use the keypad in the stairwell. “Okay, fine. I’ll punch in my pin and open the door.”

The door opens, and you hike 10 flights with five bags of groceries and a baby stroller in hand.

I know, but it’s not their problem. You didn’t partake in their system.

Without knowledge, you’re hacked. The prowler scanned the pad, obtained the pin, and followed you up the stairs. Your door bust open, and you can fill in the unpleasantries.

Another scenario.

You’re running late for a date in downtown San Jose and need cash. Lo and behold, an ATM at Silicon Valley Bank. You pull over. Hop out of the car, run to the machine, and punch in your pin. From behind, you feel a rush of air. CRACK! It’s lights out. A mugger threw you to the ground and retraced your key pattern with the app and the aid of AI. They take your cash and kick you a few more times.

A few hours later, you pick yourself up off the sidewalk and call the police.

“911, how can I help you?”

“I was attacked at the ATM. Someone hit me from behind and stole all my money. Please send someone, I need an ambulance!”

“Ma’am calm down, did you use a pin or a fingerprint?”


“Pin or fingerprint, ma’am?”

“Pin number.”

“Sorry, because you used a password we can’t assist you at this time. We suggest you comply with the new beast system.”

Isn’t digital identity awesome? It started with ChatGPT and the removal of a fool-proof solution called cash.

But hey, AI and facial recognition are for the greater good and your safety, right?


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