Flight 112

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Two A.M., phone rings. Startled, John answers.

“John, catch the first flight out.”
“What happened?”
“Just come, it’s happening again. Leave Mary!”

At once, he wakes his wife and daughter.

“They called, Uber is ten blocks away, we have to go now!”

Without a second to spare, John picks up Mary and her special bear. His wife grabs the emergency bag as they rush out the door. Before the driver could stop, they jump in and yell, “hurry, Alaska Airlines—terminal one, flight 112.”

They exit the car, sprint through security, and board the plane. Fifteen minutes later, they barrel down the tarmac. As soon as they reached altitude, Mary shrieks at the top of her lungs. She sends terror throughout the cabin. Her eyes roll back as blood fills the sockets. Her skin turns a pale shade of gray. Foam streams from her mouth like a rabid beast. She etches triangles into the window with her teeth and mumbles, “I understand, the triangles will decide.”

Petrified, the passengers cry for help.

The captain radios the tower and orders an emergency landing. As the plane comes to a halt, they eject the emergency door. Mary tumbles down the ramp and is caught by two security guards. They rush her to meet the CIA agents waiting to reunite her with Frannie, her special friend.

During the security check, she dropped her toy bear. Without it, Lord knows what could have happened on this flight. Last time she bit through the jugular of two Foreign Nationals. Before they could pry her off, she decapitated them with her teeth. Mary is not your average child. She is from Langley, Virginia, and considered unique.

The rest of the information remains classified.

Give me a Challenge
Prompt to use: Emergency landing
Sent in from Ganesh.

Flight 112 by K. Saitta
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