Give Me a Heart Free of Greed

Lord, I take what is rightfully yours,
I dance the night right across the floors.
I refuse to give to your earthly stores:
I take what is yours so I can explore.

I do not give to those that are in need;
I give to myself out of earthly greed.
I break the promise you ask me to keep,
To help everyone in desperate need.

I beg you remove my heart of darkened stone
Teaching me to obey the ways you condone;
Showing me your will,
Instead of my own.

Please remove the contention set —
Allow me instead to pay another’s debt.
My heart has turned to hardened stone;
Earthly idols won’t leave me alone.

Teach me, Lord, how to share, even more,
Test my heart in helping the poor;
Giving to those who live in need,
Giving with a heart that is empty of greed.

Give Me a Heart Free of Greed by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

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