A gun fires, 
A body explodes, 
And the victim — 
Another episode 
Of don’t let a good crisis go to waste. 

This is the work of our government whores: 
Manipulating, stipulating, generating fear 
To move the sheep through the cogs gear. 

Freedom? A thing long past. 
It died with the brave now cast — 
In unmarked graves across the land. 

What a shame for the lives lost fast 
Protecting a country that never did last. 

America — the red, white and blue; 
A hoax coated with the blood of youth 
For an idea that the elite could not do, 
As power was all that they understood. 

Goodbye my American pie, 
Thank you for a false alibi 
Of the freedom I tried in disguise, 

Freedom by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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