It constricts
Like a chain
Wrapped around your neck
Smothering out your every breath.

It infuriates
Like a hornet stinging
Its victim until almost dead:
Stretched out, lifeless and on their deathbed.

It ignites
Like a raging inferno
Going off inside your head
Until every single thought you held, is dead.

Frustration compresses;
It infuriates until your almost dead.
It incites until you to see blood red,
Making your head regress
With its next episode
Of hell-bent vehemence
— Over nothingness;
For you did this
In a fit of fury
With unthought worry
Of emptiness!

Oh, G-d please help
Readdress this surge
Of aggravation
Into cool collected
Thoughts of happiness
So that I can digress
From my fury
— Of worry.

Frustration by K. Saitta © 2014, A Walk In Verse

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