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Dubai: Restaurants Offer Discounts for Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine

Abstract: Dubai restaurants are offering discounts to coronavirus vaccinated diners in support of the UAE vaccine campaign.

Source: Breitbart

Restaurants in Dubai are offering discounts to diners who have received a Chinese coronavirus vaccine to support the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) state vaccine campaign, local outlets noted on Tuesday.

“Patrons who have had the COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] vaccine will receive deductions off bills – 10 percent off for the first dose and 20 percent off for the second dose,” Emirates Woman magazine [reported](

Gates Hospitality owns all four restaurants in Dubai currently advertising the vaccine deal. One social media flyer for the offer reads, “Spread Love, not Rona.”

“Diners must show proof of inoculation, such as a medical certificate, to get the discount,” Agence France-Presse (AFP) [reported]( on Monday.

“Those intending to be vaccinated and use Uber to get to public vaccination centers across the UAE, they will receive 25 percent off two rides up to Dhs20 [$5.45] each. This offer begins on January 25, 2020,” Emirates Woman reported on Monday.

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