Government Shutdowns, Our New Normal

The government knows it can’t force vaccination compliance. If they try, it’d turn into an all-out war. But lucky for them, they don’t need to. They’ll partner with Big Tech, corporations, and financial institutions to do it for them. The services they provide for our daily life, locked out, frozen in a stream of digital padlocks. If we refuse any of their experimental injections or measures, life as we know it, erased. No access to our bank accounts. Online purchases through companies like Amazon, not allowed. Travel on airlines banned. Transportation to stores and work, no more. Credit cards locked, none takes cash—can’t buy gas.

Every part of our existence, regulated and controlled.

But rather than call it for what it is, coercion, they play on words. Now they classify these tyrannical measures as motivation.

“If we’re discussing how to create motivation for Israeli citizens to vaccinate, I agree, you can’t force the population; it won’t work. … What is possible is to create motivation. Whoever is vaccinated will automatically receive ‘green status’. Therefore, you may vaccinate, and receive Green Status to go freely in all the green zones: They’ll open for you cultural events, they’ll open to you the shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants.”

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba Medical Center Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer

And if any of us believe for a single minute it can’t happen in the U.S., think again. It already started under their climate change initiatives.

Soon we won’t have the ability to escape their control. Life restricted based on our carbon footprint points. If the items we buy go against climate change, game over. Once our tokens run out, the carbon credit card denies all transactions until fixed or reset. Their new way of life for us serfs becomes a prison. It’s their trial run for total tyranny. And with the backing of BigTech and economic organizations, it’ll happen sooner than expected. Dig a little into Blackrock and a member of the Biden team, Brian Deese. It’ll help shape the picture at what’s in play.

The core purpose of DO Black is not only the ability to measure the impact of your consumption but also bringing it to a direct halt, making it a radical tool against climate change.

Natalie Green, CEO of Doconomy

Travel Lock-Down the New Future

To push their needle one inch deeper, a new propaganda campaign arises. More lockdowns in the name of oil elimination. It’s called the “10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use.”

What does it mean for the middle to lower class? For starters, no car on Sundays. The ability to move about freely is denied. Travel becomes based on our vehicle registration. Car’s not green enough, no more drives to our favorite mall or fishing hole. Unless, of course, it’s on the selected day they say we can drive. Our destinations are all based on the make and model of our vehicles. It’s for the good of the community. 

But even with these new protocols on the rise, it’s not complete.  They have more Draconian steps ready to unleash on the public. Reduce business air travel. Working from home, the new normal. And my favorite, they’ll encourage carpooling, walking, and riding bicycles.

“A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use” include reducing speed limits, working from home, cutting business air travel and imposing an SUV “tax,”

report by Climate Depot, the website run by former Capitol Hill staffer Marc Morano.

Never forget what Dr. Eyal Zimlichmanv said, “they will motivate.” It’s another word for encourage; it’s straight-up coercion. 

We all have a choice in how this ends. If the picture’s still fuzzy, take a step back, and dig a little. Their best interest isn’t ours. What we see in the world today isn’t about climate change, the environment, or a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. It’s about removing all human rights so each of us can live in their twisted version of 1984. We’re about to enter COVID 2.0, and this time around, they’ll play for keeps.

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

George Orwell, 1984


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