Health Care Workers Had Enough

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Title: Health Care Workers Who Saw Worst of COVID Refuse Vaccine in Large Numbers
Source: The Federalist Papers

Lori Porter, chief executive of the National Association of Health Care Assistants, told the news outlet that as many as 72 percent of certified nursing assistants said they’d refused to take the vaccine.

“A lot of my CNAs, their responses have been, ‘No one cares about old people and no one cares about us and we don’t intend to be guinea pigs,’” Porter said.

“I’m scared,” CNA Zenobia Carden said about the vaccine, even after acknowledging witnessing several residents die from COVID-19 at the nursing home she worked at earlier this year. “It takes years to come out with a vaccine, and for them to come out with it this quickly—I don’t trust it.”

Nursing home staff in Maine have objected in similar percentages, and even workers in California are refusing to be inoculated in significant numbers despite nursing home death comprising 35 percent of the state’s COVID-19 fatalities and the recently ballooning caseload, the LA Times reported.

Besides the fact that the vaccines are new and barely tested compared to the rigorous trials usually required for approval, this reluctance in the medical community could be a symptom of the larger issue: The politicization of the pandemic.

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