Hunter & Joe Sell’s Out the Automotive Industry to China

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When is comes to treason we need to look no further than the Biden’s.

Traitor and American enemy number one “Joe Biden” warns of China’s threat over Cobalt mines as his offspring Hunter helps the CPP secure more mines. Insanity, I know, but this is the Biden’s.

The move by the Biden’s puts China in control over battery production, which gives the CPP control over liberal green initiatives and electric cars. In other words, this push hands China complete power over our economy and the guarantee of US electric car production ceases as Hunter and Joe lines their pockets with cash. The billion dollar Hunter deal allowed him 10% control over BHR through his company Skaneateles as he used his father’s political position to jam the deal through.

“Hunter Biden introduced his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li during the trip. Li later became the CEO of BHR” in 2019.

The New York Post

Ivan Glazenberg, CEO of Glencore, the world’s biggest producer of cobalt, warned American and European auto industries risk failure as they cannot compete against Chinese competitors if they cannot secure cobalt which Hunter helped seal the fate of two nations.

“The western companies have not done it. They either don’t believe this is an issue or they believe they are definitely going to get the batteries from China,” Glasenberg said. “But what happens if that doesn’t occur and the Chinese say we are not going to export batteries, we are going to export electric vehicles. Where are the batteries going to come from?”

Expect batteries to get a lot more expensive with manufactured supply chain issues and forced battery shortages.


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