I’ve Known Death

I've Known Death, a Free Verse Poem by Walk In Verse

I finally know what death feels like,
The open sky and the floating light
Through the winds as it drifts in time,
Memories fade and the dancing mime.

Emotions explode, and the heart consumes
The burning ashes of a mothers womb.
Days pass into unseen shapes;
The present won’t let the soul escape.

The mind fades, and the memories thrive,
Twisted emotions eat you alive;
One minute the daughter sings,
The next second a vision unseen.

Dead or alive, it’s not known,
The past escapes, the future explodes.
Into the night the day drifts by
The light fades, and the orchids cry.

Is she alive or dead at night?
Was she taken or hidden in fright?
Do the lies tell the game,
Or did the game end her name?

Only time will tell the tale,
Does the light swell
Or bring her fate
Into the silence of an unknown state.

I’ve Known Death by K. Saitta © 2018, A Walk In Verse

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