J&J Uses Strain Which Acts and Resembles the China Virus

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Johnson & Johnson will use the Adenovirus (Mary L. Gavin, MD 2018) strain to prime the public for their experimental injection as it behaves and resembles (ibid) what they claim as COVID.

It has a high survival rate like coronavirus, and it’s highly contagious (ibid). In populations with weak immune systems or comorbidity (CDC 2019), like COVID, it has a severe negative impact.

The cure for this strain does not include a vaccine (Mary L. Gavin, MD 2018). If symptoms seem moderate to mild, then good old-fashioned sleep and hydration do the trick. In a week or two, health regains—no need for an experimental jab.

But where’s the profit in health from a person’s immune system?

Instead, these therapeutic and vaccine companies must maintain fear at an all-time high to increase revenue for their shareholders. So they do what they do best; they lie. They classify the flu and cold as deadly pathogens. Next, they guarantee everyone wears a mask using their false positive PCT test to ensure compliance. Then when the experiment hits the streets, people inject without question or care of adverse reactions. These companies will hit their billion-dollar projected earning (Speights 2020) from the multiple doses each person willfully receives without informed consent.


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