Johnson & Johnson Needs You to Trust Them

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The coronavirus has existed long before 2020. For over sixty years, in the US alone, their strains encompassed us and not once did anyone force an injection or a mask. And because of the ever changing nature of these strains, it’s the main reason they have no vaccine—it’s not needed. Yet the US gov and Big Pharma push hard because of the additional revenue streams for them and all their friends who push their narrative of “there is no cure or approved treatment,” which is a lie. The cure and treatment for these types of virus is to strengthen the immune system with a proper diet, exercise and vitamins.

Two important facts, everyone must remember:

  • Johnson & Johnson committed more than $1 billion for vaccine research, development and clinical trials.
  • Normally, vaccine development involves several steps which span 5-7 years before consideration for approval. Instead, safety protocols skipped and they move directly to human trials in the matter of months.

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