Johnson & Johnson New EUA Vaccine

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Hallie Levine. 2021. “COVID-19 Update: Your Latest Questions About Johnson & Johnson’s Investigational Vaccine Candidate Answered.” Translated by 1959256290. Content Lab U.S. January 5, 2021. 


Johnson & Johnson rush vaccines to market through their EUA status as they partner with the US government and medical centers worldwide. Funds allocated by their associates exceed $1 billion in research, development, and clinical trials on human subjects as they skip animal tests.

Their primary emphasis, minority populations for experiments. They claim the pathogen attacks colored groups at different rates. Therefore, they prime their target’s immune system with a common cold type of strain, the adenovirus. Throughout the process, the subjects do not understand the consequences of what happens once they encounter a wild variation of the virus.

But this does not matter as they look to release over a billion vaccines by 2021 with an unspecified amount thereafter.

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