Lot #64

Image by Free Creative Stuff from Pixabay

The morning began beautiful, sun shining, cool breeze, and a cup of coffee in hand. Out the door, left turn, then a right on seventh. Calmness abundant, until I approached the lot on the corner. Out of nowhere, “BANG!” Darkness consumed the sky as chaos broke loose. I sprinted until my heart burst through my chest. Sirens blazing, screams echoing, the neighborhood in shambles. I collapsed to my knees as a chill plummeted down my spine forcing me to look back. On the ground, 100 yards out, a body lifeless in a pool of blood. A gunshot to the head. I couldn’t believe my eyes, there I was, dead, murdered in cold blood at 17825 N 7th St, lot sixty-four.

The Walk In Verse challenge sent in by Cynthia: 17825 N 7th St., Lot #64

Lot #64 by K. Saitta
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