Man-Made Famines

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An act of God,
Or man-made lies?
Peer back in time:

         1932 came to mind when we realized
         That famines were recipes designed
         For large-scale genocide, to end mankind.

Yet, when we close our eyes
Not seeing the events gone by,
The government pushes new lines:

          “GMO to bring life!”

When in actuality it brings our demise,
Just like the past Communist designed:

A machine for mass genocide
For controlling the world’s food supply;

          Plant once, the seed dies,
          Never again to re-initialize
          The fruit of its youth,
          For they are designed, to die.

But why?

          To feed the congressional pig
          And the corporate swine
          Who implants the golden dimes
          Into every politician’s pockets.


Because nothing changes over time.
Same design with a different implementation line,
          Just like what Stalin tried.

As long as power succeeds
Above the world’s needs,
Congress will steer their citizens to their knees,
And into the graves, they will be.

Same line,
But the only difference
          — The time.

From the Book

FIRESTORM, When History is Erased

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Man-Made Famines by K. Saitta
© 2007-2021 Walk In Verse All rights reserved

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