Meet Pfizer And A Few Connections

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As we walk into a new year with more mandates, genocide by vaccination becomes a possibility. The hour’s at hand, we must know who’s behind Pfizer. Our government guarantees the American people’s demise with their tax dollars—a cure to combat a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

Albert Bourla started his career over twenty-five years [1] ago at Pfizer and climbed through the ranks to CEO. With his in-depth knowledge and recent remarks, we must question his motives. Through emergency authorization [2], the FDA gave the green light to inject and distribute throughout the United States—an experimental elixir which skipped standard animal test and jumped to human vaccination.[3]

The effectiveness—unknown. Even after injected spread may occur [4]. Short and long term side effects (vaccine injury) lurk in the shadows.

However, the FDA feels the benefits outweigh the risk to end a non-existent pandemic. A risk of such importance, the CEO of Pfizer sold $5.6 million, 62% of his stock [3] the same day they reported positive results for their mRNA injectable technology [5]. This came a few months after executives at Moderna dumped $30 million of their stock. The press questioned Albert about the finances Pfizer received from the Trump Administration for distribution and development—he denied it; he lied. Asked if he would take part in the COVID mRNA injection rollout, he stated, “I’m 59 years old, in good health, I’m not working in the front line. So, my type is not recommended to get vaccinated…” [6]. But for others, they should accept the needle because the plight which he wishes, “wasn’t so critical so they (the people) could have the luxury to think about it (the injection). The situation is as deadly as it could be right now..” touts Albert. He continues, “trust science and get injected to protect the ones you love.” Yet, he’s 59. In good health and doesn’t require the vaccine, nor do the executives of the company [7].

And like Albert, the FDA maintains the narrative, “all those sixteen and older should receive the COVID vaccine.” But interestingly enough, by the CEO’s admission, if not on the front lines and your vigor good, no need for their injection.

I then ask why. Why must the narrative of vaccination for all continue? One answer, profits and the elite forces behind the initiative.

The Gates Foundation [8] owns stocks in BioNTech, CureVac, Vír BioTechnology, and Pfizer. On top of his positions in these enterprises, BioNTech revealed a new partnership. The development of HIV and TB programs with an initial investment of $55 million to cap at $100 million [9]. An oddity with the mRNA rollout centers on HIV. A cause Bill champions throughout Africa. In Australia, several individuals tested false positive for HIV after vaccinations [10]. Yet, an established pharmaceutical expert, Fourtillian, made it known about a patent filed in 2011 for SARS-CoV-2, which contained four sequences of HIV [11]. In South Africa, over 50% of pharmaceutical expenditures surround drugs for HIV [12]. A shared interest between the Gates Foundation and these pharmaceutical giants.

Other shareholders of Pfizer, but not restricted to include BlackRock, JP Morgan, Chase & Co, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and Bank of New York Mellon. Big Tech (a mix of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google) represents up to 15% of their portfolios, which encompass contract tracing, censorship, and digital identification [13].

These companies have one idea in mind, and it’s not to benefit humanity. With the investments, Pfizer will pay back investors a hundredfold with the new DNA destroyer. According to Fierce Pharma, each dose, $20. Each individual needs two. Forty per person, times 7.8 billion people, you do the math [14]. And when new viruses peak, the health passport reminds, “it’s time for your shot,” as the revenue flows in. If you refuse to partake, too late, your accounts offline until you comply. Disobey—destitution your home. However, the bankers move in lockstep with the future they designed for you. As the propaganda continues, between 88 and 100 million people lost it all. Thrown into extreme poverty due to a pandemic orchestrated by the billionaires of the world [15].

Before you accept this dose of death, please think twice. I won’t tell you what to do, but I will tell you this. The government and political figures fabricated daily as they stripped away your rights and liberties from the onset. If you believe COVID will kill you, roll up your sleeve—take your shot. There’s nothing I can say to show the level of propaganda you’re fed daily.

For those who see it at face value, it’s time. Take a stand and scream from the rooftops, “No more, we will not accept tyranny!” Reject all unconstitutional and illegal orders, for there are more of us than them.

Stand fast, the rides about to get bumpy.


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Meet Pfizer And A Few Connections by K. Saitta
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