Meet Pfizer And A Few Connections

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Episode #30, “Meet Pfizer & A Few Connections” 

In this episode, we will dig a bit into Pfizer and their connections. We will look at some of the CEO comments and ask the question, why?  Why did the FDA give clearance to an untested technology never licensed for human use? Grab a pen and notebook and enjoy the report.

We walked into 2021 with more mandates. Genocide by vaccination became a true possibility. Now, the hour’s at hand, and we must know who’s behind Pfizer. Our government guarantees the demise of the American people. Through illegal taxation without representation, their demise is imminent. America’s government gave away tax dollars for absolute financial destruction. They’ll fund Big Pharma to combat a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. It’s utter insanity.

Behind these treasonous acts lies Albert Bourla. He started his career over twenty-five years (Prizer. 2020) ago at Pfizer and climbed through the ranks to CEO. With his in-depth knowledge and recent remarks, we must question his motives. Through emergency authorization (FDA. 2020), the FDA gave the green light. Inject everyone and distribute experimental therapies throughout the United States. They skipped standard animal trials and jumped to human vaccination (F. William Engdahl. 2020).

The effectiveness—unknown. Even after injected, spread may occur (Baker, Sinéad. 2020). Short and long term side effects (vaccine injury) lurk in the shadows.


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