Mommy Why

Photo by Ged Lawson on Unsplash

Why am I left alone? 
No home in the land we strove 
To fit into a culture made by men. 

We tried to get by 
In a land they designed 
where submission is sublime; 
Anything otherwise,  
Honor killings,
And the vultures dine. 

I lay in your outline, 
On your gravesite, 
Inside your womb 
Where I cry. 
Day by day I die 
— The light no longer shines. 

Mommy, why? 
Your only crime 
Was that you tried, 
Living your life 
Loving me. 

The day you died 
I crawled up inside 
And died. 

Now, upon your gravesite, 
I will lie. 

Mommy Why by K. Saitta © 2015, A Walk In Verse

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