mRNA Vaccine Reactions

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Pfizer and Moderna spread their miracle experiment across the world into unaware subjects. Adverse reactions and deaths soar as big tech suppresses the tragedies in their search engines and social media platforms. Across North America and Europe, the results, catastrophic.

In Mexico, a 32-year-old doctor with previous allergies injected the vaccine [1]. Within minutes, her world changed. Paralyzation set in [2]. Karla Cecilia Perez suffered seizures, skin rashes, and trouble breathing. Soon after, she faced speech impairment and immobility of her arms and legs. The initial diagnosis, brain and spinal cord inflammation.

Deborah Tilli [3], with a history of an allergic reaction to bees, underwent the needle at Hamilton Public Health Services. Within fifteen minutes, it started—light-headed, scratchy throat, and elevated heart rate. Paramedics on scene gave her a shot of Benadryl to stabilize the condition. Then the unthinkable. Unconscious and convulsions out of control, paramedics took charge and performed CPR. Once awake, a single thought flooded her mind, death drew near. And now she warns all, “if you have severe allergies, this is not the vaccine for you.” A week later, still in pain, she reflects, “There’s no one here to pay my bills. I’m a single mother of two children.”

Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh of Boston Medical Center [4] decided to self inject. He suffers from shellfish allergies and carries an Epipen. Within minutes it started. Dizziness, cold sweat, tongue, and throat numb as his heart raced out of control. Blood pressure plummeted—anaphylactic shock set in. Without the Epipen in hand, another Pfizer death a reality. He leaves us with these words to the drug companies, “I really would like Moderna and also Pfizer to investigate this more to prevent things from happening.”

And all the while, the media, Big Pharma, and government agencies tell us the new mRNA experimental vaccines only warrants slight, non-life altering side effects as they contradict themselves. As of December 18th, over 5k people experienced health impact events [5]. Their report defines the individuals as those who could not perform normal daily activities, work, or required care from a doctor or health care professional.

As we continue to seek the effects on individuals, some suffer a greater fate.

In Switzerland [6], hours after injection on Christmas Eve, another soul departs. Before death, the man suffered urethral and abdominal pain, and like the others, blood pressure sank like a rock as his pulse climbed. Yet, the healthcare profession continues in immoral activities, claiming his passing as natural causes.

As we journey North [7], another tragedy—Two nursing home residents die after injected with the mRNA experimental synthetic drug. Without full consent, this practice witnessed across the world goes against the Nuremberg Code. It specifies the experimentation on humans without full disclosure and consent, a crime against humanity.

In Israel [8], a man suffered a fatal heart attacked within hours of the injection. Seventy-five years old, a life cut short for a vaccine without proper testing and unknown effects. Animal trials skipped and replaced by human subjects. If one claims no relation to the vaccine, the Pfizer report speaks volumes. They notified the FDA two dead after vaccination, and continued, “…Any potential longer-term side effects are still unverified, as the vaccines are still new.”

Due west, Portugal [9]. New Year’s Day, a mother of two drops dead within 48 hours of vaccination. Sonia Acevedo, 41, another senseless casualty fighting against a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. The pattern holds consistent across all cases.

Back in the United States, a disaster. Gregory Michael MD [10], 56, fit, healthy, ready to tackle to work with no underlying conditions, became another test case for Big Pharma. Injected December 18th, 2020, with Pfizers mRNA technology, he dies a few weeks later, leaving behind his wife and child. The symptoms, different from the others. Red and purple spots covered the hands and feet. At the hospital, blood work showed platelet count at zero. Normal thresholds sit between 150,00 to 450,000. They rushed him into the ICU for further diagnosis. A team of experts tried to save him, to no avail. Due to the lack of platelets, he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, which ended his life. His wife asked for all to share Greg’s story. His death cannot vanish into the darkness. We make this known far and wide before more succumb to his fate.

All cases in this report show Big Pharma and governments negligence against the citizens of the world. We must hold the media and state agencies accountable for the murder of unsuspecting individuals who weren’t shown the truth about the consequence of the mRNA experimental vaccines.

Nurses around the country resist and refuse the injections. If we continue to allow evil to perpetrate, we are no better than those committing the crime of genocide by injection.


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mRNA Vaccine Reactions by K. Saitta
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  1. Here in the UK the details on the two vaccines authorised, pfizer being one of them, are not being publicised in our media. Like you, our media appear to have been neutralised and our BBC is totally, extremely left, Marxist. High level members of the BBC who have retired in recent years have made it plain that any dissenting views will lead to an exit! So far, I have only heard positive reports on both vaccines.

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