MT Governor Pushes Experimental Injections

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Brenda Roskos. 2021. “Governor Gianforte Promotes Toxic/Unethical Pfizer Injections.” Montana Daily Gazette (blog). September 18, 2021.

For months on end, Governor Greg Gianforte has been spouting how “safe and effective” the Pfizer “vaccine” is, but we who research know better. So first off, it’s not an actual vaccine, and secondly, it’s anything but safe.

It would behoove the Governor to do his research and not ride on the wings of the Department of Health and Human Services. He needs to stop telling people how great they are; why even Gianforte acquired “Covid-19” shortly after his Pfizer injection.

Most interesting to note is a gentleman at the top of Governor Gianforte’s “Covid Task Force” Don Beeman, “former VP of U.S. Commercial Operations for Merck’s Vaccine Division.”

Merck’s is a Covid Vaccine failure of a company, and Pfizer is well into its 4th “vaccine,” making money hand over fist and dangerous.

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