Natural Immunity Protects You

They Told You Natural Immunity Doesn’t Work

We’ve been telling the world from the start these injections of death don’t work, and none listened. Instead, the masses complied and rolled up their sleeves. They destroyed their God-given natural immunity with Pfizer’s & Moderna’s mRNA cocktail.

At this rate, if the government told people to get into box cars to protect themselves, they’d line up without question.

People Didn’t Listen

On January 25, 2021, the parasites let the world know the truth, and it fell on deaf ears.

from CNN January 25, 2021:

Pharmaceutical company Merck announced Monday it is discontinuing development of its Covid-19 vaccine candidates after early studies showed immune responses were inferior to natural infection and other Covid-19 vaccines.

from BioPharmaDive January 25, 2021

Though Merck has long been a Moderna partner and investor, for instance, the pharma didn’t back an mRNA-based vaccine. And CEO Ken Frazier publicly raised doubts about how quickly early movers would be able to prove out their vaccines.

Now We’re at a Crossroads

Then the lies continued. The world faces death on its doorstep as they injected without question.

Big Pharma and corrupt politicians’ strength draws from the people’s weaknesses and compliance. If we want our freedom back, we must take it. Freedom isn’t free; it comes with great responsibility. And until people realize no one’s coming to save them, this nightmare will never end. Bill Gates will make certain of that.


Emily Smith. 2021. “Merck Stops COVID Vaccine: ‘Studies Showed People Better Off Catching Virus And Recovering!’” The True Reporter (blog). January 28, 2021.

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