No Audio: Watch The People You Trusted

The White House Hates You and You Still Follow Their Orders

No Audio: Watch The People You Trusted

I do not use youtube anymore. I instead share on platforms who don’t ban and censor content.

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These Are The People Everyone Trusted, And They Still Wear A Mask

The U.S government hates the American people. And sadly, it’s our fault. We refuse to stand and unite as one. The elite knows and understand our weaknesses is their strength.

They have no respect for us, and why should they? In talks, they’ll tell us about health concerns and to follow their orders. Without question, people fall in line lock-step and roll up their sleeves, distance and mask up. Even when these people have facts put in their path, it falls on deaf ears. Yet these political figures refuse their own mandates as they know it’s a lie. The mask never worked; history tells us; modern research shows us.

In 1918 face covers caused more damage than good. But today, no one cares. If the facts consist of more than a 200 character tweet, it’s disregarded. The powers that be know this.

They are not your friends.

They’re frauds.
They’re communists.
They’re tyrants.
They’re liars.
They’re terrorists.

Stop all compliance now and stand up for your God-given rights! These political pundits will stop unless the people stand and end it.

It’s that simple; the choice is yours.

H/T Stew Peters

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