No Mercy

No Mercy - Walk In Verse

They prey upon the lost and the weak,
Like the wolf waiting to strike its next feast,
Killing the innocent for the price of their meat
As they pleasure themselves with their sickening creed
Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

These degenerates need to pay with their blood
For the lives they took in the games they call fun.
So slit their wrist and let them bleed dry,
Cut off their foot, and watch them die!

They’re a pathetic excuse
For the life that I know;
My hatred grows strong,
My heart turns to stone.
They murder the young
For the price of their fun,
Protected by Law
Are these sickening ones!

I say – strike at their necks,
Take what they hold dear,
Put them in prison
So they’ll die as we cheer!

Pedophiles I weep for the children you keep
In your evil memories of lust and deceit.
And for the crimes
In which you commit
You should dwell in hell
For the rest of your lives!

No mercy I have
For the crimes that you keep
Against the children,
That you willfully deceived!

An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth,
Into the prison of hell
I pray you shall dwell!

And in this new place
Filled with carnage and rape
You now become the sexual taste
Where they fill their hunger with their disease
Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

So as you cry awake in your hell
Remember the children that you did sell
Into your lies of morbid deceit;
Now you will live in complete disbelief
As your raped and pummeled with the disease
Of sexual fantasy and evil deceit.

No Mercy by K. Saitta © 2009, A Walk In Verse

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