Nurse Admits Cov Is All Lies, They Euthanized People

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Link: Nurse Admits Cov Is All Lies, They Euthanized People

Listen with a pen in hand. They lied by using a false PCR CT value to generate a high number of cases. Once they used the proper CT, the cases dropped. He goes on and speaks about the murder of patients and how Pfizer received the approval. 100% corruption and crimes against humanity.

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2 thoughts on “Nurse Admits Cov Is All Lies, They Euthanized People”

  1. Can somebody tell me what Covid is please?; because it has never been isolated, NO VIRUS EVER HAS … so how can you have a vaccine to fight it.

    Anyway, good man in the video, thanks.

    1. COVID stands for Certificate of Vaccination Identification. The 19 == A (1) I (9) Artificial Intelligence. Which is the new digital identity via the vax passport or ID2020 pushed by Bill Gates. Now while thier may be something floating it’s not COVID. It could be a type of sar’s variation. They are now saying it’s from teh vaccinated who shed some type of virus as well. What seems to have killed so many was not a virus, it’s the protocols they used on purpose. Even if you read the CDC reports on the PCR test, they state they never used the isolated virus to test against as they could not find it. Rather, they used a variation of another kind of virus. Shoot me an email and I will try to dig the PDF up from the government website.

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