Pfizer Comes Clean, Vax Does Not Prevent Infection

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A Must Read: Pfizer admitted the vaccine does not prevent Covid infection, and other vaccine problems; and how EMTs are being lied to and shamed to force vaccine uptake

People have asked why I was not blogging about the Covid vaccines.  To be honest, I felt there was not enough information for me to be decisive, and I was waiting for more information to become available.

However, someone called me this morning and told me about a lot of allergic reactions, including one anaphylactic reaction, at a local hospital after 30 doses were given. Staff were instructed to keep this quiet.

Today I watched a short Ben Swann video about the vaccines, in which he read the “Declination form” to be signed by EMTs in Maine who refuse the vaccine. It contained false and misleading statements, and I realized I should no longer delay discussing what I know about the vaccines.

1.  Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are made from messenger RNA and lipid nanoparticles containing polyethylene glycol (PEG).

a.  Messenger RNA (or any RNA) can potentially be converted to DNA in the presence of reverse transcriptase.  That DNA potentially, or bits of it, could become linked to your native DNA.  While I have no idea how likely this is, I began to take the possibility seriously only after two members of FDA’s advisory committee (the VRBPAC) asked about it during their meeting to approve the Pfizer vaccine on December 10.  (I watched the entire meeting and took copious notes.) Virologists tell us that much of our DNA is, in fact, originally viral DNA that found its way into ours. 

I now consider the potential for vaccine RNA to be converted to DNA and permanently inserted in my DNA a remote possibility–but one that I would like proven wrong before being vaccinated.

b.  70% of Americans have pre-existing antibodies to  PEG.  FDA suspects that these PEG antibodies may be the cause of anaphylaxis post vaccination.  The UK recommends against people with severe allergic conditions receiving the mRNA vaccines. The CDC, however, recommends people receive it regardless of their allergy history, only asking that those with severe allergies wait an additional 15 minutes (total of 30 minutes) in the clinic in case they need to be resuscitated.  Anaphylaxis is occurring at about one in 45,000 doses, or 17 times the rate CDC has determined it occurs after other vaccines (1.3 episodes per million vaccinations).  Therefore, getting the shot in a drugstore or anywhere that trained physicians are not close by to perform a resuscitation seems like a bad idea. According to the American College of Allergy, “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine should be administered in a health care setting where anaphylaxis can be treated.” California has temporarily halted use of a lot of Moderna’s vaccine due to a high rate of anaphylaxis.

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2 thoughts on “Pfizer Comes Clean, Vax Does Not Prevent Infection”

  1. If the bass doesn’t cure or stop you from getting it then why in Gods blessed name should anyone take it. Also can you please give info. on is there aborted baby fetus cells in these shots, I’ve read in many places that this is true so why are so many people telling me it’s not. I am a Christian and for that reason I wouldn’t take it. Whether it comes from a aborted baby in the seventies or now. Could you please clear this up for all of us that believe this Thanks so much GOD BLESS YOU.

    1. From what I heard and read there is fetal cell in some of these manufactures.

      You should not take it due to the fact it is an experiment and never been liscensed for use in humans. It’s being used under emergency authorization only. It takes years to develop vaccines and this was done in a year. Ths is a puch for Big Pharma profiles as they need new revenue streams. And you are welcome. Thank you for commenting.

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