Planned Parenthood Hates Black Children

DONOR: The less blacks out there, the better…

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: …It’s a strange time, for sure. [laughs]

Planned Parenthood, the federally funded eugenics program, targets black Americans.  When an undercover journalist acted as a donor, what he found will sicken the most hardened man.

All the receptionists had the same vile attitude.  They believe they’re doing God’s work as they exterminate His creations.  No empathy for colors or creeds.  As long as the credit card works, it’s a free for all.

When the donor asked if he could give money for the abortion of black babies, all the workers responded yes. And no matter how sickening the request, none refused the money.

A few sad statistics.


871 black babies, on average, are aborted every day in the United States

Guttmacher Institute


Black Americans represent only 13 percent of the population but 30 percent of aborted children.; Guttmacher Institute

The next time you hear any politician claim “Black Lives Matter,” remind them they’re liars. These sadistic political asshats only care about blacks when they give them their vote. If they did care, they’d never fund the largest genocide program in America with your tax dollars. “Planned Parenthood” is the place where they practice satanism, one aborted baby at a time.

We must shut down Planned Parenthood once and for all. The time to take action is now.


Live Action, dir. 2015. Black Lives Don’t Matter at Planned Parenthood.

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